Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Art Monster

This summer, Totalie and I have the opportunity to work with Open Heart Creatures and Columbus Museum of Art to celebrate love in the Pride Parade. Since The museum is opening a newly built portion of their building this fall, I decided to make a monster out of it.

When I saw this building go up I thought it was unattractive but the more I studied it the more I saw the beauty. The overall shape seemed boxy but the windows, which are everywhere, open the building up. I wonder if I would be able to stand across the street and watch what is going on in the building like live television.

The sides of the building are an interesting blue green and gold color that pops even more in the rain.

The best part of the building is it is easy to turn into a monster. I'm having fun trying to recreate something in a smaller scale. I've also been able to repurpose items from my other builds for this project. My clamshell from DRAUMA 2015 has become the base for the monster.  The building itself used to be part of my fort. (everyone needs a fort)

Model Peach Roulette DRAUMA 2015 Oh My Cod! A Piece. Photo Credit unknown.