Friday, December 2, 2016

Doll Face

Set phase to manic!!!!

 I could not sleep last night so I was looking at Rainbow Brite dolls (omg remember PJ Sparkles!?) and looking through my camera roll at 2am.

I found the face swap I did with a Blythe doll, and it made me giggle because once in a while I'm called doll face, which is supposed to be a cute little pet name, but since I'm uncomfortable with happy squishy feelings, I turned it into a nightmare.

I do think it's a cute pet name. But let's talk doll faces for a minute. No wait, let's talk about pet names. Why is it "pet names" pets are usually named Bunny Face or Mr. Dog Breath. Okay so doll faces used to be all about chunky cheeks when I was a kid. Maybe to look like a cherub? Now they have giant eyes and are trending toward giant lips. I hope someday it's all about the giant feet like my Jem doll was, because it's harder to lose the shoes.

Was that a minute?

Yep. Manic. WOOT!

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